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About me.

Hi - I'm Joel.  I currently live in Cambridge, MA with my wife and two sons.

I've been taking architectural photographs for over 15 years.  With degrees in architecture as well as photography,  I understand what architectural clients are looking for in a project photo.  The majority of my experience has been in shooting residential/ multifamily affordable housing, but I enjoy shooting custom homes and commercial/institutional spaces as well.  I generally photograph without assistants, with minimal "staging" and with available/natural light as much as possible - keeping things simple in this way means low overhead for me and low rates for my clients.

Reasonable Rates:

My typical rates are $250 for a half-day shoot or $500 for a full day.  My day rate includes a few hours of post-shoot photoshop editing.   Deliverables typically include a CD/DVD with hi-res and low-res versions of all photos.  A copyright-release giving the client unlimited usage rights is provided as well.  Sometimes third-parties see the photos and are interested in purchasing rights to certain images, in which case I can provide the photos with usage rights on a per-photo basis.





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